Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Deliverable #2

Please post your response to Deliverable #2 below.

To quote the description on the syllabus:

#2- Pick the Blogging service that you think might be the most pragmatic for your work and provide a description of how you will, or potentially could,  integrate this tool into a potential class or training session- Due before Session 8 (Oct. 27th)

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  1. D#2

    I plan on creating a blog using for the purposes of developing an online mentoring program. While investigating the different types of blogging services available, this one seems to have the features that will work best for the message I wish to convey. I would like to incorporate this blog into a tutorial along with various types of learning tools that were covered this semester. I think that adding just the right number of tools to be beneficial but not overloading will be difficult. Finding the right balance will take some planning and adjusting. I would like to add some relevant visuals, resources, videos and activities to the tutorial along with the blog.


  2. Deliverable #2
    As part of my deliverable #2 I decided that I would develop a wiki/blog for employees at the university, new and existing so that they could collaborate with like- minded individuals in their respective fields.
    What I found to be really cool about Google Sites is that I could create this site and invite other key people within the university such as Paula Murray, Human Resources guru to edit the site with me. She could maintain certain sections of the blog to reflect any and all training tools. When something changes, she could go in and upload the new information. She could answer questions through discussion areas and upload video tutorials. Other pages could be set up for question and answer discussion about new procedures at the university. I could create pages where people could go to find a mentor or resource section to give guidance. Google Sites seems to have come a long way and it is very easy to set up. I like the wiki-spaces wiki and have started to set one up but think I may try to set one up in Google as that is the preferred URI tool. Chris

  3. Deliverable #2
    I have chosen to use Wordpress as my blogging platform. I will use this to embed links to articles, videos, and tutorials that will help college students develop career exploration and job seeking skills. This blogging service will allow me to develop a training program that works as a series of workshops or tutorials that students can use immediately and also allow them to collaborate through use of the comment section.

  4. Deliverable #2
    Since I am developing a workshop for volunteers at an organization, I would choose WordPress for a platform. The tool provides a wide range of flexibility including the ability to embed different elements easily, the ability to professionalize the appearance with a theme, ability for different devices to be used to view the blog (including mobile devices) and it is free for both bloggers and followers.

    The product also has longevity since it has been around since 2003. I like that it is an open-source tool allowing me to learn from other users and providing an experienced pool of users to query should I come across a roadblock. Others I know who have used the platform have been pleased at how accessible it was for them, as author, to produce a polished product/entry.

    The group I will be preparing this for are all volunteers who are giving their time for the betterment of children involved in our local high school Music Department. Treating them with professionalism shows respect. One main way to do that is by providing quality information for support. The blog will provide a permanent reference to resolve any uncertainty about the governing bylaws and the expectations for the day to day the function of the organization.

  5. Deliverable #2

    I am going to create a collaborative classroom for my non-profit board members. This way we can work on prodjects together at our own pace and from different states in the US. This is awesome because we all have very different schedules and some of us live more than an hour away. This makes it very difficult for us to meet. But with this tool, we can still collaborate on the prodject, edit, submit ideas and leave comments for eachother. For example, the RI Foundation has a contest for $300,000 Fellowship. I can upload directions and ideas, then together we can work on the application at our own pace. Im super psyched to be able to use this tool.

  6. Paula

    I plan on creating a blog using that will encompass all the training materials I use for my classes. This will include video lectures using Camtasia, PDF documents using adobe, Google forms for surveys/quizzes.I really liked the sophia tutorials so I am going to try to incorporate that in there somehow as well.

  7. Jen

    I have chosen to use a Wiki for my blogging platform. This wiki will allow me to share math related materials with others. I have chosen to use a Wiki because I like how I can organize the content and it is easy to work with. I believe it will be easy for the site visitors to navigate. I plan to post links to different math lessons I have created, the links will include – note sheets, practice sheets, activities, videos etc.

  8. Paul

    D #2

    I have been experimenting with, a blogging service that is not only free, but also offers free website hosting. This allows you to set up your blog and link to your website seamlessly, with everything centralized on their website. Once you create your blog, another free service called ShoutOut is offered to you. This allows you to import or manually enter your contacts so that you can directly email those persons that you want to see the new content in your blog. Users can also register to “Get Our Latest Updates” so you can build a list of people interested in receiving your content. In addition, there is the Wix Mobile App so you can work on your phone or other device if needed.

    With the budget always seeming to be a concern, I think that Wix is a great solution for the URI Police Department to deliver training information an updates. I foresee using this as a resource that the officers can use to keep up to date on the latest training information that we are trying to get to them. For example, the new E-Citation training manual can be placed on the website, and officers can enter the blog to discuss their thoughts and concerns about the procedures. They can offer each other tips, and as moderator I can offer suggestions as to how to best use the equipment. Officers can ask questions and receive feedback from other officers who are more familiar with the equipment. We can obtain feedback through surveys on the site, and officers can choose to remain anonymous if they prefer to do so.

    As the site becomes more accepted, I can see it also becoming a clearinghouse of all of the various policies and procedures that the officers must adhere to. In the past, officers had to keep paper copies of every policy and procedure in their policy binder, which was periodically reviewed by a supervisor to ensure that they were keeping up to date on the information. As the site develops, we can have officers log in when there are additions to the digital policy manual and log that they have read and understand the information in an online Google Doc. Officers will have the ability to look up a policy on their cell phone out in the field if necessary, which is much more efficient and effective than driving back to headquarters to look up a policy in their paper manual.

    The more I explore the exciting technologies now available, the more ideas I have to replace “the way we have always done it” with new technology!

  9. Heidi

    Deliverable #2
    With the type of audience I have and the connections I would like to make I have chosen to do a Facebook Group session. This would allow me to increase my audience more and provide small group communication for people to share their thoughts, ideas and opinions on a variety of topics that I post.

    Though I have never done a Facebook group before (but have joined one), I am looking forward to using it. Facebook Groups will allow many people who have the same common interest to come together. I feel that this will be the best use for me as I will invite many of my church members to it but also be open to whoever would like to join. I also plan on adding a variety of technology within the site as I teach several biblical topics. I will add YouTube videos and other already prepared videos as well as a Spark video. I would also like to add a direct link on several topics to a blogger that will allow users to get more specific or deeper about things and not have to scroll through Facebook group to find something. I like that feature because not everyone will be interested in the same thing.

  10. Gail Kelley

    October 27, 2016 at 6:06 AM

    Deliverable #2:
    I will be using Google Docs to teach my students active reading skills. I will place a paragraph in Google Docs and have the students read and highlight words that are unfamiliar to them. Learning vocabulary is an important part of achieving a higher reading level.
    I will place a paragraph in Google docs and the various student groups will read this together while highlighting the main ideas. They will discuss their choices for a few minutes, before independently creating a heading for the paragraph they have read. Students will then type their heading choices into the Google Doc. Together as a class, we will reflect upon their choices and based on the main ideas, try to pick the best headings.
    We will also be reading a novel, and will be discussing various points on a specially created Facebook page. I picked Facebook because so many students enjoy using this tool and are comfortable with it, as well.
    A Movenote review of Active vs. Passive Reading will also be presented, as well as a Google presentation.
    My student population does better with interactive materials that are not too distracting.
    For students who already have difficulty with reading, online reading creates an additional concern. Students equate reading online with a casual sharing of information. Texting friends and posting on Facebook are considered by many to be an informal means of communication. In addition, reading online occasionally can send you off in a completely different direction from where you need to be; students need to remain focused.
    Teaching active reading is always an objective, but it becomes even more important when students are reading material online.

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  12. Deliverable #2
    I decided to use WebEx and Google Docs with an extended learning option partnered with Sakai (URI) and Whiteboard (RIC).

    I'm creating a four day workshop presentation to assist new college students to acclimate to the college culture. Elevated anxiety levels for lack of confidence is present with nontraditional students who decide to further their education at an older age.

    I am a teaching assistant in the Professional Development cohort of the Human Services Assistant certificate program at Rhode Island College. This program is a year long and students that successfully complete the program are offered the option to matriculate to the main college. Credits that are received during the program could be used towards a degree program.

    At least eleven out of the fifteen students enrolled in the class this is their first college experience and they have no idea how it all works. They are unfamiliar with basic college skills.

    This workshop presentation will cover topics such as; test anxiety, note taking skills, textbook reading, time/stress management skills and test preparation.

    I will use WebEx for live feed as well as for the recording feature for those that are unable to participate. To accompany the recordings are PowerPoint presentations, worksheets and other relevant information. Google Docs would be used as a collaborative tool for group work and Sakai (URI) and Whiteboard (RIC) will be used to drop completed work into.

    The objective for this workshop presentation: students will be able to demonstrate learned skills, identify cues for lecture notes, plan and execute their personal time management schedule and recall learned information to utilize during test, quizzes and exams.